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James Jean Signed Ninja Turtles Set and Signed Print

Ninja Turtles Statues by James Jean seem a bit out of his wheel well at this juncture of his career, yet here they are. I pried just a bit about why he'd participate and I got a very James Jean answer: "I was a teenage outcast, a mutant condemned to wallow in the sewers of a NJ high school. The turtles were my companions, my saviors from a solitary life." We have multiple sets of these James Jean art inspired Ninja Turtles statues. When you purchase all four you can enter a coupon code online for a print. I wonder how many actually do this and how many have forgotten about it.  We decided to cut the mailing crap for...

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Honolulu Museum of Art X Giant Robot X Contempo #ArtShop

Reposting this one, and I want to add that Yoskay Yamamoto will be in attendance! We'll also have a Hawaii only print release with Luke Chueh and Yoskay! Rob Sato will also bring some goods as well. The tree below at the Spalding House (Honolulu Museum of Art) is huge and a stunning piece of natural art on it's own. Honolulu Museum of Art X Giant Robot X Contempo #ArtShop Giant Robot pop up at the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House begins June 19th and continues for TEN days! In person will be artists Luke Chueh and Rob Sato. Special meet and greet Friday June 19th and public event Saturday June 20th. Artists included in this special exhibition includes: Aaron...

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Print Release: Honolulu Museum of Art / Luke Chueh Meet Up - The Rat Print Release - Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh Print Release of The Rat. Edition of 100. A portion of this run will be a Hawaii only release. Only purchasable in person. The remainder will be released at a later date. The Rat is an iconic image of Luke Chueh's infamous bear character being straddled by a rat.  Available June 18th at Luke Chueh Meet and Greet and June 20th Giant Robot Day at Honolulu Museum of Art Contempo #Artshop

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