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Multimatter - Annual Show of Multiples (Prints, Objects and More) - Last Exhibition of the Year

  MULTIMATTER annual show of multiples Dec 17- Jan 7, 2015 RECEPTION SAT DEC 20th  6:30-10  Aaron Brown Aaron Woes Ako Castuera Amy Sol Andrice Arp Audrey Kawasaki Bradford Lynn Cassia Lupo Dan-ah Kim Danni Shinya Darth Rimmer Dave Stolte Deth P Sun Enkyskulls Flat Bonnie Gabe Gonzales Gary Musgrave Harry Diaz Hiro Hayashi Jarrett Quon Jay Horinouchi Jeni Yang Jeremiah Ketner Jerome Lu Jesse Tise Jon Lau Kerry Horvath Kevin Luong Kio Griffith Kiyoshi Nakazawa kozyndan Kwanchai Moriya Louise Chen Luke Chueh Mari Naomi Nick Arciaga Nikko de Leon Noelle Wong Ray Young Chu Rob Sato Ryan Jacob Smith Sara Saedi Sashiko Yuen Shihori Nakayama Steve Weissman Tru Nguyen Yumi Sakugawa and yes, more

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Enfu - Cute Grit Art Monograph (I Wrote the Foreword)

Seattle based artist Enfu's (Ken Taya) new monograph, Enfu: Cute Grit, is finally in our hands. It's a collection of what seems to be everything about his work. It's created almost like a "career book," it demonstrates his longevity, change, hard work, and creativity. It's both a look back, but also a look forward at the possibilities of what's upcoming.  We've carried his prints for years at Giant Robot. Some pieces, like "Mixed Signals," are among our "best sellers." As a colleague, Comic-con booth partner, and friend, I'm happy to have been asked to write the Foreword. It was quite easy to get out.  A bit of trivia is that Ken and I often chat about what we need to do to improve...

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