GR2: Mari Inukai exhibition, Marilla Blue and Orange Reception Photo Set

Mari Inukai's exhibition, Marilla Blue and Orange took place this past saturday evening. Friends, family, and new and old fans came to visit. Under the vast array of oil paintings and drawings that you can't see, is the tedious effort put in beforehand. Mari put in a great effort and showed some new directions. The screen that's on the middle island table displayed a 12 minute projection of Mari's animation projects including Blue and Orange which screened at Sundance Film Festival. It was nice to see people's faces looking up and watching, and then continuing to the art on the walls. 

We'll put the art work online for sale shortly and we'll notify you in a blog post.

Flickr Photo set from the reception of Mari Inukai exhibition, Marilla Blue and Orange 

That's Audrey Kawasaki and Mari Inukai