GR2: Multimatter 2014 Photo Recap

Gary Musgrave and Gabe Gonzales passionately speak about printing


The last exhibition of the year is taking place and it's called Multimatter. It's a show of multiples by artists around the country. Although the reception took place on saturday, the exhibition is up at the earliest possible date right after the Post It Show. The walls, benches, and tables are filled with cool and creative prints, zines, and handmade items. We hope to see you here and it'll go online at our soonest moment.

I jokingly called it the Last Hurrah and in a way it is. It's our last reception of the year and it's great to throw something on a night that is pretty much reserved for parties and family events for those who have none. We'll be your family.

Take a look at the Multimatter 2014 Photo Set 


We went with festive pupusas from our favorite El Salvadorian restaurant, Los Cocos

Dean Gojobori baking the shrinky dinks. For a fun activity, we had people create X-mas ornaments.

Folks colored the plastic sheets.

This ornament is by Jesse Tise.