LA Art Book Fair - Notes and More

The LA Art Book Fair began with an evening event. 6-9pm on a thursday. It's a book fair, meaning it's a time for folks to check out book and maybe make a purchase. It's more of an event. LA favorite, No Age played outdoors. People walked around with drinks in hand, ditching them in precarious places. I witnessed some of the nicest gowns showing the perfect skin of a person's back, coiffed hair with smiles for days, and bro hugs. It's how it rolls annually. The overall event is amazing. It's overwhelming. Can you look at hundreds or thousands of books in a span of a few hours? It's impossible. 

I'm proud to have a booth at the LA Art Book Fair. Yes, we're at J5. I think the book is curated enough to show a great cross section of artists that we know, work with, and are proud to call our friends. There are more photos in the flickr folder.

Liz Ishii looks emphatic that James Jean is drawing in her Fables book. James Jean remains incognito, and Jeff Ng bombs it. 

That's the view from the Giant Robot booth. 

Some of the specials we have at the table. Luke Chueh Vader Print A/Ps and more. Yes, that's an Audrey Kawasaki.