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Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair Day 3 and 4 - The Wrap Up

On Saturday, Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair the LA Art Book Fair was swamped. Over 16,000 people came through and the below photo is sort of the view people had of our table. So many folks came through and gave me their best wishes after our long dry spells of only lurking at each other online. Thanks for stopping by, GR is better with you around. On Sunday, it was a bit lighter. Maybe a football game makes a difference - ever so slightly, but it's still perhaps 10,000 folks looking at books.  Some mention how much they've spent and how broke they are, and that means they supported the arts, artists, and books. It's reassuring to look at it that way and...

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LA Art Book Fair - Notes and More

The LA Art Book Fair began with an evening event. 6-9pm on a thursday. It's a book fair, meaning it's a time for folks to check out book and maybe make a purchase. It's more of an event. LA favorite, No Age played outdoors. People walked around with drinks in hand, ditching them in precarious places. I witnessed some of the nicest gowns showing the perfect skin of a person's back, coiffed hair with smiles for days, and bro hugs. It's how it rolls annually. The overall event is amazing. It's overwhelming. Can you look at hundreds or thousands of books in a span of a few hours? It's impossible.  I'm proud to have a booth at the LA Art...

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Giant Robot Time: 1.23.15 – Theo Ellsworth Solo Exhibition Opens Sat. Jan. 31st at GR2!

giant robot time: 1.23.15 | art by: yoskay yamamoto Solvers by Theo EllsworthJanuary 31 - February 18Reception: Saturday, January 31, 6:30-10PMTheo Ellsworth hails from the State of Montana. He's a graphic novelist of Capacity, The Understanding Monster (1+2), and designed the cover of an EP by electronic music artist Flying Lotus. Ellsworth will create plenty of new work to adorn the walls and he'll be here in person. Come say hi to Theo Ellsworth.  Event LA Art Book Fair (Booth J5)The Geffen Contemporary at MOCAJanuary 30 - February 1  Event   Enfu: Cute Grit Book Signing / Drawing DemoFeaturing: Enfu, Mari Inukai, and Sho MuraseSaturday, February 7, 2-4PMCome meet Enfu (Ken Taya) who'll be in person from Seattle. He'll be...

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