Book Signing and Drawing Demo with Enfu, Sho Murase, and Mari Inukai

Sho Murase, Enfu and Mari Inukai visited Giant Robot 2. Seattle based Enfu demonstrated his drawing technique, his special pattern making software, and videogame. Enfu is one of the hardest working artists I know, and his book Cute Grit, chronicles about ten years of his career. I wrote the intro for it and that alone is an honor. If you stop in, we have some of his special resin blocks, (we'll get those online soon too). We're currently offering some signed books and they come with a special print. 

Flickr Set Enfu Signing 

Mari Inukai above, does some small sketches, below, Sho Murase has a great drawing technique. 

A crowd came to check out Enfu demoing his work. Below, that's the beta of his game. It'll be available at some point soon. Music is by Goh Nakamura!