Life Forms - Godeleine de Rosamel at GR2 Reception Photos

Godeleine de Rosamel told a touching story while installing her works at GR2 on friday. Her last solo exhibition was nearly 20 years ago in Paris. It's where she met her husband. He was working in Paris and purchased some of her art pieces including the main piece in the window that caught his eye. The gallerist said that the artist was on her way in and that's how they met. We couldn't be more proud to feature Godeleine de Rosamel at GR2. It was just a couple of years ago when she walked in to show off her work. The sculpture work is relatively new to her and we've ardently supported it from the day we met her. (Flickr photos).

Her work should hit our site today at 3pm pst at this link. Thank you for the support.