Worcester Art Museum Samurai! Reception Photos

Worcester Art Museum presents Samurai! 

For the many who won't be able to make it or for the many who did enter the doors on April 17th for the reception, here are some photos and some thoughts from the exhibition. First it's a no brainer that I have to thank to the Museum staff for their hard work. Second, the show design is amazing. The room evidently was always used as a white box, but we transformed it into a new environment. There's no single direction. Instead it's purposefully an exhibition that let's you create your own narrative. Reception sponsorship thanks to Julia Huang of InterTrend! (Flickr Folder of Photos)

The wall on the right is the text I had to write that took much longer than expected. The kanji is "samurai."

I like to see the room filled. It worked well with a crowd in it. The circulation was nice and people seemed into it. 

It looks great from the outside as well.

This is the courtyard of the museum. It's indoors of course and it's the crowd that gathered to watch Taiko and the band, The Rice Cookers.

The main entrance.

The view from back to front has the opposite feel. It's much more muted and mellow - another design element. 

I had a give a talk for the docents. They are the most important people who interface with the visitors.

Taking a look at Jed Henry's woodblock pieces and Yuko Shimizu's wall piece.

Had to post a photo with Shawn Cheng and Adam Reed Rozan. Much thanks to ARR. I met him at the Oakland Museum when he was there years ago, and he left before the SuperAwesome show, but then I got to work with him closely at Worcester Art Museum. 

It's James McShane who made the trip from Providence.

A school class doing an interview and report. I like the fact that the on camera talent is an Indian woman.

Action Geek! We talked shop about publishing. The dude knew all about it.

Oh my... way back GR readers. Way back.

Matthias Waschek - Director, Shawn Cheng - artist, Myself, Jon Seydl - Head Curator.

Oh my ran into the Duncan Stewart Clan who brought me a ton of photos from Biennale 2 at JANM.

The arrow and spear heads. 

The Mu Pan piece behind shakuhachi playing at the tatami mats.

The view of a chest protector, Yuko Shimizu, and Miya Ando.

The Rice Cookers!