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Worcester Art Museum Samurai! Reception Photos

Worcester Art Museum presents Samurai!  For the many who won't be able to make it or for the many who did enter the doors on April 17th for the reception, here are some photos and some thoughts from the exhibition. First it's a no brainer that I have to thank to the Museum staff for their hard work. Second, the show design is amazing. The room evidently was always used as a white box, but we transformed it into a new environment. There's no single direction. Instead it's purposefully an exhibition that let's you create your own narrative. Reception sponsorship thanks to Julia Huang of InterTrend! (Flickr Folder of Photos) The wall on the right is the text I had...

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Worcester Art Museum - Samurai! Opens Friday

The commonality of the hands on sword of Zatoichi and Mari Inukai (painted by Kent Williams) The exhibition concept began last year, somewhere before the furious cold his the East Coast. In short, the idea was to let the original Japanese armory speak to contemporary artists and see what happens. There was a lot of thinking and dreaming of the possibilities, and of course it gets distilled into what's best for the space and the audience, but perhaps one day, this exhibition will go "full dream." Curating from afar isn't the easiest way to get things done, but from the photographs, the exhibition looks tremendous. I'll be seeing it quite soon. (Worcester Art Museum) The list of artists: Miya Ando,...

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Worcester Museum of Art: Samurai!

Worcester Museum of Art updated their Samurai! page. Opening Party April 17th! Link Artists in the Exhibition On View
: Katsuya Terada, 
Ferris Plock, 
Rob Sato, 
Kent Williams, 
Mu Pan, 
Miya Ando, 
Moira Hahn, 
Yuko Shimizu, Masakatsu Sashie, 
Jed Henry, 
James Jean, 
 Shawn Cheng, 
Josh Cochran, 
Esao Andrews, and 
Stan Sakai Mural Project (phase two): 
Andrew Hem
, Audrey Kawasaki, 
Mari Inukai

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