Giant Robot Store: BITE! Art of Sharks

Giant Robot Store Presents: BITE! May 16 - July 10th, 2015

Imagine an exhibition at Giant Robot Store. Employee and artist, Cassia Lupo is behind the kinetic window displays and the next will feature a shark. It doesn't end there. Along with the window display will be art and products relating to sharks. We haven't had an exhibition at GR1 since GR2 opened and that's near 12 years. The opening will take place concurrently with the May 16th opening at GR2. 

Artists include: Caitlin Anne, Niv Bavarsky, Celeste Byers, Aaron Brown, Sean Chao, Enkyskulls, Flat Bonnie, Mari Inukai, Wayne Johnson, Jon Lau, Brian Luong, Kevin Luong, Cassia Lupo, Merrily Lupo, Bradford Lynn, Eunice San Miguel, Shark Toof, Christy Saguanpong, Benjie Escobar, Trace Marshall, Jesse Tise, Bryan Wong, Junyi Wu and more!