Giant Robot at JANM - Biennale 4 Update

It's happening. That's all I can say. Shows have a way of working out and developing into things on their own - especially when it's a large exhibition. The best part isn't the work that goes into creating the pieces, it's hanging out with some of my favorite people.

It's exploring the works and understanding everything intimately. It's getting the detailed tour by the artists themselves which then makes you glad that you put them into the show. 

We started looking at the Rob Sato paper sculpture and are in awe at the detail. (Also see his and Ako Castuera exhibition, Deep Fields at GR2!)

Audrey Kawasaki's pieces are created with delicate detail. We got right up to the pieces and learned a lot.

Andrew Hem named his mural today after singing a part of a song. You'll see that later. 

The "Giant Robot Store" is being put together. No, you can't buy anything, no there aren't robots here, no I'm not a robot, no we aren't that other robot store, no, no, no. Yes. Sean Chao came to help out today. Imagine, Sean Chao isn't in the exhibition, yet he was there to support and help out. He has heart. 

Back upstairs it's Masakatsu Sashie's piece and you can see Clement Hanami and Andrew Hem in the background.