James Jean Signed Ninja Turtles Set and Signed Print

Ninja Turtles Statues by James Jean seem a bit out of his wheel well at this juncture of his career, yet here they are. I pried just a bit about why he'd participate and I got a very James Jean answer:

"I was a teenage outcast, a mutant condemned to wallow in the sewers of a NJ high school. The turtles were my companions, my saviors from a solitary life."

We have multiple sets of these James Jean art inspired Ninja Turtles statues. When you purchase all four you can enter a coupon code online for a print. I wonder how many actually do this and how many have forgotten about it. 

We decided to cut the mailing crap for our customers and went ahead and got the print. It turns out, this was for the better. We were unlucky and probably missed a printing cut off time, so it took over three months (from Wondercon to just this week) but it showed up.

The print isn't huge, but it's printed on metal. One thing that irks some, is that it doesn't show up signed, so luckily James Jean came in and blessed each one with his signature. Now, you get signed statues (yes, James Jean signed the bases of each) and the print. That's not bad at all. 

If you have the budget, here's the link to the goods.