Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

It’s a week since Comic Con ended and for GR’s 20th year there, it was another success. I’m not sure how to measure that word these days, but while we struggle to make sense of “trends” especially in the micro economics of the world around GR, which means toys, figures, art, t-shirts and other coveted objects, we still manage to have a decent time. It’s like a camping trip where you’re together with others, each pulling and pushing in their own ways. It’ll never be perfect, and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Yet, I know it’s fun when the 6 days we’re away flies by as fast as any week I’ve lived through. Comic Con for me isn’t about panel discussions, stars from the Game of Thrones, LEGO, Mattel or Hasbro. It’s also not the many smaller booths. Comic Con is what you make of it. For each person walking in the doors, it’s sort of DIY. You might miss out on the most coveted panel, but there’s so much else to do that it’s best to move on. The place is huge, the services are vast. There’s not much to complain about. We’ll be back in 2015 and we’ll refine ourselves a little bit more. Some highlights and some lows 1) This year, Linkin Park played for free out Petco Park. Their “five song” set turned into something like 9 songs. Great job Mr Hahn for the show and his now sold movie. The Mall. 2) Friends and artists came through the booth. I didn’t have to leave. 3) Downtown is too crowded, so leaving the area is a pleasant thing to do. 4) Cosplay gets better and better. Cosplay is also at times, quite bad. Both are highlights. 5) LEGO won’t sell to anyone with a vendor badge. We are people too. 6) Freeman Company’s service is great, thanks to whatever deal they have with Comic Con. 7) I made a podcast appearance for KPBS. Guest Host Amy Nicholson (of LA Weekly) interviews KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando and Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura. Here’s the link. 8) The designer toy section changed a lot, many vendors weren’t there, and that left a gap that might not ever be filled again. 9) Luke Chueh Head Space prints kicked ass. 10) The many SDCC exclusives at our booth. For some reason, it’s fulfilling to have a bunch of special items. 11) Yokohama Yakitori Koubou, the best meal of the weekend. It puts a smile on everyone’s face.
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