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Two Year Old Chinese Girl Gets Runover and Ignored

It’s been on the news and commented on extensively on the net, that a two year old was run over in China and largely ignored until a homeless woman tends to her. Many are seen walking by after looking at a dying child and proceeding to just walk away. Perhaps they thought the child was sleeping, which might be their only defense, but in the street? It’s hard to judge. Yet this kid was only two. What’s the driver thinking? What was the second driver thinking? As much as people stare everywhere, it’s not a Chinese situation, it’s more of a human situation where we observe tragic events and just watch them. This seems extreme, but it happened. The video...

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China’s High Speed Trains – Great but Are They Ready?

The dream is to connect China, and to do it quick is important, yet why is it that a crash happened so fast? The bullet trains of China are infamous, but so is the big July wreck. It happened during a lightning storm, but really what happened? The word isn’t out. They say human error, but at the same time, this WSJ report mentions that the technology is so new, that the foreign components and pieces aren’t all understood. “…that local engineers couldn’t fully understand…” This is a good look into the system and technology. (WSJ – China Trains)

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