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Ivory Killings in Cameroon

As the world gets smaller, the consumption of luxury goods from places other than your own become more valuable. Ivory is still something sought after by wealthy Chinese folks. You might ask why and when’s the last time you heard of anyone wanting ivory? In a national park in Cameroon, organized poachers have killed hundreds of elephants and decimated it’s population by half. What can you do from your desktop? This is a fairly new and rising problem. Yes, elephants will disappear from Cameroon. (NY Times – Elephants in Cameroon)

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Breaking Bad: Man on Meth Kills Bobcat and Eats It

This man looks happy and content but it’s only after you was high on meth and killed a bobcat. It’s not that Henry Arnibal killed a bobcat, since there are multiple reasons why one might need to do that, but he also skinned it and ate it while high on meth. It’s funny because he lives in a trailer, fights roosters, and was questioned regarding pot growing. Police saw an animal skin hanging on a fence, and Arnibal was rubbing his belly like Homer. (SF Weekly – Man Eats Bobcat)  

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