Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Top Five from January 2013 1 Oshogatsu Osecchi – January 1st, the best day of the year. It’s when our family gets together and hangs out all day. It starts early and proceeds throughout the day. It’s a pretty food fest and it’s like every holiday put together into one. Photos 2 Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler‘s Talk at GR2. January 5th. We’ll have to try and do more of these. Hosting a retro talk about a beloved band was simple to put on, but fun to hear. Seeing the fans and friend line up to meet Adam afterwards was even better. [youtube]8aBdk6Grbyc[/youtube] 3 LA Times Calendar Section front page article. January 17th. An honor to be featured on the first column on the front page of the Calendar Section of the LA Times with such a long and bright article. Thanks to writer Deborah Vankin. (Link to Article)   4 JANM ends. Yes, it was that time. Jan 20th, 2013, the day the GR Biennale 3 ended. It’s hard to summarize an exhibition that lasted 4 months, but it’s all about thank your to all who helped, participated, JANM, and anyone who visited or even peered online. 5 Shooting video again. Back to messing around with production. I’ll show you later. Thanks to my old bud, Anthony Batt. (Thanks Martin for the idea!)
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