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Bento can be such amazing things. Yesterday we reported on the golden New Year’s osechi bento which is going to sell for nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Today we bring you some images and videos of bento lunches which are far more humble and in some ways just as artful and special as the fancy rich man’s meal in the opulent 18-carat-gold container. The images are nice, and feature some familiar characters. But for the real tour of artfully composed and constructed bento meals, watch all three videos. You will be almost overwhelmed with both the cuteness and the striking artwork, all made completely out of edible foodstuffs. There’s even a list at the bottom of the link of the sample ingredients used in these unusual-looking meals. Perhaps it will inspire you to attempt to create your own. Oh, and for a special treat, make sure you watch the third video, or at least the first couple minutes of it. It starts off with a truly rocking Japanese punk version of “The Mickey Mouse Club Theme”. (Japanstyle – Marvelous Art Bento Meals)
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