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Market to Asian Americans

From “Kiddy Table to the Adult Table”, Asian Americans have spending power. The segment features Julia Huang who mentions Asian Americans are segmented. Yes “we” are and that means needing many different campaigns for each group, which then means companies need to spend more to figure out how to reach all of Asian America. The Asian American market has been looked at for about a decade as being heavily important as compared to the size of the population due to the spending power.┬áThe move also looks like it’s a tiny step from in-language work to the general market. With a thousand TV stations in English with just a few which are Asian language based, it’s obvious where the marketing money...

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Arsenic in Rice

You like my rice? Asian Americans eat 2 cups a day, non, 1/2 cup a day. Guess who has more arsenic in their systems? Yes, the Asians. According to Fox, “The study, which was conducted in pregnant women, found that consuming just over one-half of a cup of cooked rice is equivalent to drinking 34 ounces (one liter) of water containing maximum amount of arsenic allowed by the federal limit (10 parts per billion).” Where did it come from? Pesticides? Evidently there’s no testing for arsenic in foods, so it’s open game. (Fox – arsenic)

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The Obligatory Asians Big on YouTube article

It’s not new, but it’s still new, if you know what we mean by that. Asians on the screen? That’s still new to the majority of the US, it’s just not on their televisions. It’s online. Articles like this get syndicated and make their way everywhere, even to places that print papers. Kev Jumba, David Choi, Ryan Higa, Clara C, they’re all mentioned. Huge reach, and imagine there’s wave after wave under their million views and subscribers. The content is free to watch, and they’re getting the hits. (VOA – Asians Find Fame on You Tube)  

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