Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Tune in to TBS at 10pm/9c Thursday, June 19th to watch the premiere episode of Sullivan and Son. You’ve probably already seen the K-Town video online, so check out another Asian crew with a little more body hair and less posturing. Sullivan and Son stars hapa stand-up comedian Steve Byrne (Korean and Irish), Dan Lauria (the dad from the Wonder Years), Jodi Long (All American Girl & much more), and most notably, Vivian Bang (friend to GR and seasoned film and TV actress, including a role in Derek Kirk Kim’s project Mythomania). Looks to be like good entertainment for a network show. Family friendly, and giving America a peek at how more and more families are in the US – mixed race/ethnicity and totally not weird because of it (well, maybe just a little weird). The focus here is on laughs, family, and how we go about living a life we can love. I like it already.  Tune in, or set your DVR and support a show that’s bringing more of what we need to mainstream media.  
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