Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Working mostly at home has its benefits. I get to see my daughter way more than a lot of parents and the house is a lot cleaner than when I spent my days at the GR compound. But I do miss companionship–even if it’s just Eric’s cats! In the last week, I actually saw a lot of people, though. If you read your copies of Giant Robot magazine carefully, you’ll know who some of them are. (Some are more obscure than others.) Quiz time:

Drunken Master's cupcakes

Kiyoshi Nakazawa

a. Maker of Drunken Master comic and zine, prints, fine art, and more

b. MMA fighter/bouncer

c. Longtime Giant Robot ad guy who kicked my ass in the “Fight Back!” feature

d. Writer of the blind massage travel piece from Thailand

e. All of the above

Photographer of the stars

Eric Nakamura

a. Co-founder and publisher or GR mag/gold glove softball player and sometimes lead-off hitter

b. Janitor, busboy at GR shops and gr/eats

c. Indie filmmaker and punk rock photographer

d. Slave of two cats and an empire

e. All of the above


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