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Tony Barnette of Japan’s Yakult Swallows

Fun video and story about Tony Barnette, a pitcher from America in Japan. The part about the expensive bathroom and pushing the wrong button is hilarious. So nonchalant. He’s 27 his wife is 24 and now has a new life and is throwing fire as a relief pitcher. He’s on the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and is a reason to be a fan. This Seattle paper has been rocking lately. Like us, they still make typos. Tokyo, not Toyko. (Seattle Times – Barnette)

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Ichiro Museum

A museum for one of baseball’s greatest stars. It’s not a huge structure, but it’s a room filled with Ichiro’s items. It’s run by his parents. It even has his abacus. It’s filled with photos and ephemera. 30 visitors a day, $11 to enter. If you’re a fan, this is the place to be. It’s in Toyoyama, Japan. (Seattletimes – Ichiro)

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Baseball Balance – Takashi Saito

Tsunami aftermath stories. Takashi Saito visited the affected area where he grew up and realized he was helpless. His best bet was to throw and throw well. There’s not much anyone can do in light of a disaster, but at 42, he’s still in the major leagues and bouncing from team to team. He’s that unlikely hero who keeps his head low, but keeps sticking around. This story is a touching read. (NY Times – Saito)  

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