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Japan Team Threatens to Boycott WBC

Japan, the last two winners of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is threatening to boycott the tournament. Why? Because the revenue generated by MBL is kept mostly by the organization and it’s players. Japan receives 13% while the MLB and it’s players gets 2/3. The revenue was 18 million. 13% then divided by it’s players… leaves a significant chunk but not enough. (WSJ – Baseball)

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1934: Lefty Gomez Goes to Japan

Video shot by Lefty Gomez that’s previously never seen before. Lefty Gomez was part of the MLB tour of Japan in 1934 and shot this video which is insanely valuable. The tour is constantly talked about since it helped make baseball huge in Japan. Babe Ruth, the oversized star was huge in Japan, and it’s fun to see the video footage that’s being put out in promotion of his book, Lefty an American Odyssey. You’ll have to wait a while to see the video footage since it loads slow, but it shows the vibe of the time. (Random House – Lefty) The story as told in SI is equally an interesting read and tells about the journey to Japan. (SI...

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