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Strange Senior Toilet Tools – Robohelper

We suppose this will come in handy for most of us one day. It’s a bidet system that’ll work while you sleep. A search turned up no video, but here are a few photos. Leave it to the clever inventors at MUSCLE Corp who figured this contraption out. It’s called a Robohelper and although it doesn’t look robotic, it may help caregivers everywhere… or will it? (NYDailynews)

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World’s Largest Toilet – Japan

This is an odd sight. A toilet in a garden, but beyond the garden is a fence and this is all one large bathroom that’s outdoors. Will you be comfortable letting loose in a space that’s open air with glass walls? No one will be watching since this is all one large private room, but it’s a feeling that’s odd. It’s in Ichihara and is only for women to use. (Forbes – Toilet)  

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