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5 Things about Japan by CNN

photo by Thomas Nakanishi Things stay true throughout the generations of blogging about Japan. Here’s what one CNN reporter says about Japan, and it falls under “travel surprises”. In a nutshell. 1) Stylish kids everywhere. Yes, those expensive haircuts are everywhere. 2) Both tech and old school together. Yes this happens when a country has been around for much longer than the USA. 3) Tokyo is big. So big, you can a little of everything. 4) Expensive but also not. Yes melons can be $100, but you can eat udon for $4. 5) Clean. Not Singapore clean, but clean. (CNN – Japan)

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Director Olivier Assayas Catch Up

French Asian connection? One of them is or was¬†Olivier Assayas, a filmmaker who was married to Maggie Cheung and directed her in Irma Vep and Clean. They’ve been divorced since 2001. This is just a short catch up article on the journalist turned director who conducted a master class at the University of the Philippines Film Institute¬† (entertainment.inquirer – Assayas)

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