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Uh-oh, Uniqlo…

I was surprised to read this story from The Korea Times, since it’s usually big Korean mass-market clothing companies doing the knocking off, but Uniqlo got busted for being copy cats. Korean clothing company, Coevel caught Uniqlo in the act of copying their “Navajo” socks. It’s a pretty blatant rip-off, and while Navajo inspired designs aren’t particularly unique, the Uniqlo design looks like a direct pull from Coevel’s. The Southwest decor craze of the late 70s, and the pastel version of the late 80s, seems to be on the rise again. Even Shepard Fairey’s  Obey Clothing came out with a series of “Navajo” clothes and accessories. Uniqlo issued a public apology on their Korean website, but there’s been no official...

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Footwear: Converse PL76

Back in the day, when leather sneakers just arrived on the scene in the 70s, they were the best sneakers to get. I had a pair similar to these and of course the minute they got dirty, you made every effort to clean them. Some even used a white polish which ends up looking like a creamy paint added on top. I hate that look and would rather they age gracefully with the scuffs. In 2012, the olders style keeps coming back. It’s simple, the lines are clean and the logo and colors are easy. It’s like what Dr J was wearing back in the day – in a game. Yes, he did. Believe it or not, this is what...

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Akira: 30th Anniversary Jacket

It’s 2012 and no progress yet on the live-action adaptation of the Akira anime. Rest assured, Bandai is releasing a replica of Kaneda’s jacket in the mean time. The jacket is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Otomo Katsuhiro’s manga and it’s yours for the low, low price of 69,800 yen. You can purchase it here on Bandai’s Namco page or the official website for the anniversary.

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