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Okay, after reading this you may not feel so bad about your university degree in Lithuanian Renaissance literature or Myrmecology. Higher education in the west, in the United States in particular, has been trending for years towards majoring in fields of study which seem odd, sound even more odd, but speak to the passions, individuality and specialized interest of our young scholars. But it seems the trend toward studying esoteric disciplines is no longer particular to western countries anymore. At the link, you’ll read that in South Korea, one can currently enter college to study fields as disparate and odd as smartphone media studies, coffee-chocolate studies, golf and sports studies, and (our personal favorite) dessert café studies. It is all part of a new and growing trend in South Korean vocational schools and technical colleges to provide fields of scholarship in areas for which there is a need or growing demand in South Korean society. Most of these subjects are currently taught at the South Korean equivalent of the junior college level. Those who graduate with these odd majors are encouraged to either transfer to four-year colleges, or go directly into the industry for which they’ve trained. In that regard, the system is pretty much the same as the junior college system in the U.S.or the U.K. And honestly, we’d love to take a class on South Korean traditional fermented food studies. (Asian Correspondent – Odd Korean College Majors)
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