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The Brass in China Wants to Go Back to the Iron Fist Yet Top US in Rolls-Royce Sales

  Not quite… it’ll be more a thumb print… The Western influence that many Chinese enjoy? Needs to get stepped down. Hu Jintao, the President of China, said, “”Hostile international powers are strengthening their efforts to Westernize and divide us.” It’s sort of back to the Mao days, but at the same time, Westernization is heavily about making money and many Chinese including Party members are enjoying making the cash. More censors? Maybe, but there’ll be a huge divide. (WSJ – China Iron Fist) This contrasts with another post also in the WSJ. Chinese have bought more British Rolls-Royces in 2011 than the US for the first time. At $245,000 each, it’s a bargain! (WSJ – Rolls Royce)

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Chinese Paper Cuts Found at U Michigan

  Found in a box while cleaning are a collection of Cultural Revolution paper cuts. The collection was originally donated, and put away. There’s plenty of images that you can see in hi-res. It’s inspiring since a lot of this art has become part of the pop culture world. Although Chinese art is popular and these seem like they’d be in high demand, the weird punch line about the set of images are the fact that these would sell for $155 each, “if it finds a serious collector.” That’s all? (UM – Paper Cuts)  

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Chinese Red Communist-themed Video Games, Made in Shanghai

China is a problematic country to those of us in the west, particularly because of the things we read and hear about the policies and actions of the communist government. Cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Special Economic Zones in places like Guangdong Provinceseem pretty wide-open and free, while the rest of the country mostly suffers from the oppressive, bureaucratic grind of the central communist authority in Beijing. So it seems ironic, at least to us, that a video game company in Shanghai would borrow the political and aesthetic themes of Chinese communism to create and promote video games for fun and profit. But that’s just what Shanghai game company Online Technology is doing. Starting at the end of...

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