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“The district banned sodas on campuses in 2004, starting a trend followed by the state as well as districts across the country.” From now on, kids, if you want a corn dog you’re going to have to go to the L.A. County Fair, because you won’t be able to get one at school like you’re used to. This week, you may have heard that the L.A. County School Board banned the sale of flavored milks as one way to reduce the amount of sugars school kids were getting from their little cartons of chocolate and strawberry dairy products. Well, it appears that move was just the start of a major menu overhaul the school board has planned for public school food services. Corn dogs and chicken nuggets are on their way out, and will be replaced with healthier foods like California rolls and spinach tortellini. We think this is a great idea. Because even though we love our corn dogs and chicken nuggets, there aren’t foods healthy folks should eat every day. And to grow into an adult with a sophisticated and worldly palate, it’s best to start when you’re a kid. (Los Angeles Times – Sushi for Corn Dogs)  
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