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Long Beach: Work in Progress really happened

Holy crap! Long Beach: Work in Progress really happened. The scenario seemed too good to be true: Come up with panels to illustrate and demonstrate the underrated heritage and upside of a city that I’ve been digging since I was a teenager. Crashing culture, colliding communities, and the power of subcultures–I’m all over that. Above you can see Long Beach skaters/activists Chad Tim Tim, Justin Reynolds, Paul Kwon, Dallas Rockvam, and Levi Brown with Pulitzer Prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold. The event took place in the historic Edison Theatre, which was built in 1917 as the Nippon Pool Room and went through phases as a sporting goods store, foot clinic, and beauty salon. Most recently it was home to...

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Senate Bean Soup Recipe

Why is this here? It turns out late Senator Daniel Inouye enjoyed this bean soup. (Senate – Bean Soup) The Famous Senate Restaurant Bean Soup Recipe 2 pounds dried navy beans four quarts hot water 1 1/2 pounds smoked ham hocks 1 onion, chopped 2 tablespoons butter salt and pepper to taste Wash the navy beans and run hot water through them until they are slightly whitened. Place beans into pot with hot water. Add ham hocks and simmer approximately three hours in a covered pot, stirring occasionally. Remove ham hocks and set aside to cool. Dice meat and return to soup. Lightly brown the onion in butter. Add to soup. Before serving, bring to a boil and season with...

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