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The Kobe Beef Scam

Yes, you’ve had the fake. Admit it. Kobe Beef is only from Hyogo Prefecture where it’s trademarked and not exported (except Macau). Since the trademark isn’t applicable to the US according to the recent Forbes article, the beef you’ve been having here is not really Kobe beef. It’s as similar to the real Kobe beef as Kobe of the Lakers. (Forbes – Kobe Scam) Also see Larry Olmstead’s follow up on Wagyu Beef.  

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Bale, China, Controversy, “Shame on CNN”

Here’s one opinion aside from ours about Christian Bale and his visit to the activist Chen Guangcheng. Shaun Rein in his column claims publicity stunt by CNN. Perhaps it wasn’t for the film’s benefit, but it was to get ratings for the news organization. Big film name, controversy in China = great ratings. CNN set it up the confrontation and Rein calls them out in their journalistic integrity. However, the confrontation did get on the news everywhere, and the film’s title is now much more known than before. Was Bale trying to do something good? Surely, but the flip side has to be looked at as well. (Forbes – Rein)

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