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kozyndan From Whence We Came Reception Photos

It's been a little while since we last exhibited kozyndan, and their current exhibition From Whence We Came brings something new: ceramics. I've mentioned that we met at Giant Robot Store in 2001. They were students at Cal State Fullerton and I was a new business owner. Together, we've grown just a bit with some room for more. Here are more photos from the opening this past saturday. 

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From Whence We Came - solo exhibition by kozyndan

Giant Robot 2 (GR2) is proud to present FROM WHENCE WE CAME, a solo exhibition by Kozyndan. FROM WHENCE WE CAMESeptember 10 - 28, 2016Giant Robot 2 (GR2)2062 Sawtelle BoulevardLos Angeles CA 90025Opening Reception with the Artists:Saturday, September 10, 20166:30 - 10:00 PMPresenting a ceramic sculptural exploration of a primitive world before our own inhabited by sentient creatures attuned to magic and the power of their ancestors and the prime creators. The work began with kozy's first set of "bunny primitive" sculptures and throughout their creation and viewing what Kozy made, stories and a world about these beings evolved and influenced later sculptures. In this show, kozyndan present a full spectrum of these characters from the earliest to those most...

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