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Fungus Ingredient to Spice Up Your Meals: Koji

We wrote a bit about it earlier this year. (GR - Koji) Betty Hallock, my collegiate friend wrote extensively about Koji once again. Read her first sentence, “The latest trendy cooking ingredient in Japan is a fungus. And that fungus is spreading. Professional and home cooks in Japan are crazy for it, and it’s flying off the shelves at Japanese markets in the U.S., too.” Basically it’s fungus instead of salt. Not quite, but do read on, it might be your regular cooking ingredient one day soon. (LA Times – Koji)

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Koji, It’s What’s for Dinner

When it’s time to eat Japanese food, you have no idea that in your mouth and system is Koji. You might have a friend or two with that name, but in the end, you’re eating a fungus that’s a classic ingredient in many Japanese foods. It’s used for Sake, miso, rice wine vinegar, but there’s more to it. It’s also now being made at home in combination with other foods. It’s like a seasoning element that’ll taste unlike your typical herbs, spices, and condiments. There’s a recipe guide as well that tells you how to make it and use it. (Japantimes – Koji)  

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Schwing Maker from Caterpillar Fungus fetches up to $11,500 a Pound!

Caterpillar Fungus grows on dead caterpillars and can fetch up to $11,500 a pound. What does it do? Of course anything that high priced is either for bling or for schwing! It’s not just strange sounding medicines, it’s also liquor. These untraditional investment places are returning more than traditional investments in a volatile China. (WSJ – Caterpillar Fungus)  

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