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Whoa, newlywed friends, Linkin Park Joe Hahn and Heidi Woan at the American Music Awards broadcast on ABC. Is that Britney to the right? Either way, this flashed at the end of the Gangnam style Hammer mash up. Call me a dick, but I can’t get into this Gangnam thing and it’s comedic that Psy would rather mimic another fad musician gone broke in Hammer. Psy, save your money, now. Do not buy a house overlooking Oakland! Do not become a preacher! Enjoy the time, now. Figure out a way to stay relevant. Don’t make a part II of Gangnam but milk it now. Learn from that guy in the photo. Oh yeah, congrats Joe and Heidi! You owe me Post Its. [youtube]qlUyF6q0zKg[/youtube]  
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Band Linkin Park including Joe Hahn below are part of the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon in a “Sustainable Energy for All Initiative.” Heidi Woan also pictured below sent us these photos of the event including a menu.

The NY Observer notes: “A cynical eye might dismiss the group’s philanthropy as another jump onto the “celebrities save Haiti” bandwagon. However, the band’s foundation, Music for Relief, has had its hand in a vast array of humanitarian efforts since its formation in 2004.” The Observer did botch guitar player, Brad Delson’s name, but congrats to the band. (Observer – Linkin Park)



Mike Shinoda does some talking below. That’s Joe Hahn, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda and Rob Bourdon



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