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My phone was lost. I ate at a Souplantation on tuesday. My phone went missing. But what I remember is that I left it on the table and when I left, I didn’t have it. It did think it was in my car or at home, but then remembered that I checked in on 4sq!We left after closing. The door was locked which means less people, and the shop was closing. During our meal we left to get more food which meant my phone was left unattended. Yes maybe my own fault… We sat in a back corner that was fairly barren of others, so it left to imagine that it was taken by an employee.The next morning, I tracked it using iCloud and lo and behold it was sitting inside of someones apartment. It sat all day in mid-LA. After my own work, I did a few drive bys, and the location was a beat up apartment off the 405 made up of 8 units. I had no idea which unit it would be in. Danger? Yes, maybe. I printed a photo of the apartment, printed a photo of the tracking of my phone pinpointed there, wrote down the address, and took it to the assistant manager at Souplantation which is in Brentwood which is no where near the apartment. He looked at it and thought about it and said tomorrow he’d investigate it with the General Manager. I got a call the next morning and the General Manager said no one lived at that address but it didn’t mean anything. He was suspicious that it was one of his own. He said he’d call everyone on the shift and have them return it anonymously. The threat of the apartment address was surely something that scared someone. Yesterday, the iCloud stopped working in the evening. The sim card is probably pulled out or thrown out. Obviously the news that the GPS and sim card alerted the holder of my phone that he or she was tracked and a little more investigation could bring up more red flags. A parent’s apartment perhaps? The manager called me earlier today and said the phone was left anonymously in the lost and found box.
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