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GR: What did you think when you first saw Jakuchu’s work?

JP: I had no idea who the artist was. I haven’t heard about Japanese art, let alone know the artists. I could see in this painting the essense of nature, the feeling of nature was captured by getting rid of everything in the actual world of a grapevine that wasn’t necessary, leaving only the essence. If you look at the painting, a grape vine doesn’t look like that. It’s only the feeling of a grapevine that comes through it’s beauty. Any artist who can take nature and make it more beautiful that’s what I fell in love with. I like to have it on exhibit in different places, I want other people a chance to see this same beauty that I see.

GR: Are you still adding to your collection?

JP: I don’t room anymore. I’ve got too much now. I want it to be seen and get it out.


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[youtube]p8d2tr0o1wU[/youtube] Ito Jakuchu was born in 1716 and died in 1800. So, he’s no longer with us. Yet, my contention is that if he were alive, he’d be a friend of ours. This video was shot, edited, and directed by myself. I also recorded the sound on a separate piece of equipment. This is the second Giant Robot – Artist Friends Series video. I hope I can keep this up. It’s a challenge and this is a fun way to approach art. And Yes catch this exhibition at the Bowers Museum in Orange County, CA. I hope you enjoy the video.
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