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Hello Kitty on Japan Airlines Profile!

This is getting strange. Imagine Hello Kitty has a profile? Not a story or past or likes and dislikes, but an actual profile. This is what Hello Kitty looks like when it’s facing forward in a profile. There’s no nose, it’s eye has a lash and although it’s called Hellosmile, there no mouth. This is actually a project to put out the word on cervical cancer. So basically, the name, the new logo, the jet and the actual reason is makes little sense. A smile is always nice, but it’s actual tie in, not quite fitting. The plane’s route is a simple one as it’s going from Haneda to Sapporo at this time. You most likely won’t see it.

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Pay the Man – Military Plane Crashes into House – Gov’t Offers Little

  Remember the jet that crashed into a San Diego area neighborhood killing everyone in the house? It was the Yoon family. While the husband was out, came home to a house of death. Wife, kids, and in law. The US government who’s plane did the damage after the pilot screwed up and ejected rather than land must pay the man. After private negotiations failed, “pennies on the dollar”, it’s now in court. (SF Gate – Yoon)  

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South Korea’s Multicultural Project

  Asia is changing. I wrote previously that Japan’s ethnic sociology is shifting. However, Japan isn’t the only country in Asia coping with evolving demographics. According to a recent article from The Diplomat, South Korea is finally acknowledging the permanent settlement of foreigners, international marriages, and their children. This is just one of the many sociological issues that South Korea shares with its continental cousin. The other is the ethno-nationalism that persists in both countries. This blood-based nationalism has, as the article suggests, restricted South Korea from sublimating its definition for what it means to be Korean in the 21st century. What the article overlooks is that this race-based brand of politics is directly related to one of its historical enemy....

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