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Job Posting: Work at Giant Robot

  Now hiring at Giant Robot and GR2. The ideal candidate will be out-going, detail-oriented, great at multi-tasking and merchandising – and available to work weekdays and weekends! A familiarity with, and passion for our store’s merchandise and mission is a definite plus, including contemporary art, Asian pop culture, design, graphic novels, and toys. Previous retail experience is preferred. A high degree of responsibility and self-direction is a must, and excellent references are suggested! Send your resume and a relevant cover letter to

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Work and Live in China Report by CBS

This couple made a life in China work out for them. Even speaking no Chinese, his wife got a job teaching autistic kids. He speaks conversational Mandarin got a job higher up in an ad agency and he couldn’t find work in LA. This isn’t a deep video, but it does show what the job market can be like for some people who move there, and they’re going to reform their Social Security for foreigners too. (Video by CBS)  

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