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The Jew and The Lotus EPISODE 64: Indie Asian American Cinema and Banksy the Massive Attack Guy

Latest episode is up. We're at episode 64 and we talk about my old film Sunsets which will show at the Asian American Independent Film Festival in NYC In August 4th along with a panel discussion the following day. It's an homage to the Asian American cinema Class of 97 which featured Shopping for Fangs by Quentin Lee and Justin Lin, Sunsets by myself and Michael Aki, Strawberry Fields by Rea Tajiri, and Yellow by Chris Chan Lee. I do wonder who will show up. It's been 20 years since we made our films which might have been bigger than we all know.

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Franco vs Justin Lin: The Annapolis Film is “Bad” Comment

No it’s really not a Versus, but it is a tiny spat in the media between the two. Perhaps it’s all out of context, but perhaps not. Perhaps it’s even true that Annapolis wasn’t a brilliant film and perhaps it’s true the staff worked hard on it. In the end it’s a non-factor, but it’s great to see Lin getting to defend his side which is something Asian Americans don’t get to do, often. This one can. (Huffington Post – Lin)

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Justin Lin signs deal including a Japanese American 442 Film

Justin Lin deal includes a film about the 442 Regiment? Will this be a great updated 442 movie? Surely, Justin Lin’s stint at JANM in the video department led to some ideas. Perhaps it’s the Dachau related event. Who knows. It’s a story people don’t know about. But that’s the 552 Battalion, so maybe not. But perhaps he’ll make the big box office version of the 442 that needs to be told. (Screen Daily – Justin Lin)

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