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Keanu Reeves is the Man of Tai Chi

  Dude I now know Tai Chi. Keanu Reeves has his dream project, Man of Tai Chi green lit and will make this in 2012. It’s following the 47 Ronin story that’s sure to baffle folks when it comes out. How he fits in that is a question. How he’ll fit in Man of Tai Chi is yet another, but at least it’s not a historical tale that’s being “half white washed.” Yet 18 fight scenes sounds like fun. (Empire Online – Man of Tai Chi)

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47 Ronin Remade with Keanu Reeves

  The story is of legend. A feudal lord is forced to commit suicide, and his 47 loyal followers go out to kill his killer, and after they’re done, they commit ritual suicide. It’s now turning into a 3d movie with dude, Keanu Reeves, a half Asian. How he fits as a Japanese person, we can’t understand yet, hopefully the film will deliver even 50% of what it should (get it?). Here’s some photos from the set. (Screenrant – 47)

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