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You’ve been emailed! Stephen K 03 December 11, 3:56pm I remember discovering Giant Robot magazine back in the mid 90s. I was at the Amoeba Records not far from campus. It was the only American periodical that had anything on HK cinema at the time. Seeing Chow Yun Fat on the cover of a non Chinese magazine blew me away. Spent all my lunch money on it that day ($4 went a long way back then). Up until that point, I had been showing the old Jackie Chan and John Woo movies I’d taped from the local Chinese channel to my friends and they wanted to see and know more of this awesomeness, and the magazine was passed around amongst them until the pages were worn. Giant Robot was like the internet for cool Asian stuff before everyone had internet. Good old days. Nika P. Love Kitano! There’s something mesmerizing in the way he seems to handles extreme situations with such zen composure. First time I noticed him in a movie was Battle Royale, I loved him after watching the Blind Swordsman He’s that funny old uncle you love hearing stories from! Chris 03 December 11, 12:25pm “The night security man at her hotel looks like a younger, slightly less approachable version of Beat Takeshi, the Japanese actor whose existential gangster films have been the favorites of two former boyfriends. Ferociously upright and tightly buttoned into an immaculate black blazer, he leads her into the elevator and up to her room.” -William Gibson Dominic Luina 02 December 11, 6:23pm You have three cavities and gum disease. Hand me the drill.
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