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OMG: My own Taiyō Matsumoto Yoyo

  It’s here. The Taiyo-yo. Is it the answer to all my prayers or the beginning of the end? The yoyo is bundled with the first book of Taiyō’s beautiful new work SUNNY, currently serialized in Shogakukan IKKI. Taiyō is back in great form with this semi-autobiographical story about the lives of children living in a Kansai orphanage. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Village Vanguard.

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Join the Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club! (If You Have an iPad)

Get ready, Osamu Tezuka fans, because the god of manga’s considerable body of work is now available on an iPad near you. In English. That’s right, Tezuka Productions and a Japanese software company named SOBA Project Inc. have created the Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club app, which makes available 62 volumes of the beloved mangaka’s comics to manga fans in the form of a cloud-based subscription service. It allows users to read through pages and pages of “Astro Boy” and “Black Jack” from the comfort of wherever they and their iPads happen to be. And Android device users need not feel left out, because the plan is to port the Tezuka Magazine app to that mobile operating system during this coming...

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Interview: Mangaka Natsume Ono

Since childhood, mangaka Natsume Ono harbored a deep fascination for Italy and other foreign destinations. She began drawing comics about them as a self-publishing dojinshi artist and eventually had the opportunity to visit the Italian peninsula in 2001. After nearly a year, Ono returned to Japan to start the web-comic La Quinta Camera. Her work was quickly noticed by the manga industry which lead to her start as a professional mangaka. Since her debut, Ono’s follow-up Ristorante Paradiso was a huge success spawning both a sequel and an anime adaptation. GR: Critics often talk about the complexity in your narrative and your mature writing perspective. Some attribute it to your late start as a mangaka. Do you think starting your...

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