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Calling all Taiyō Matsumoto fans…

The pocket edition of Tekkonkinkreet is out this week, featuring new cover art by Taiyō Matsumoto, some rarely-seen color artwork, and an afterword that I wrote (humbly) for this edition. These beautiful little books are currently available only in Japan, but the folks at Shogakukan Comics have seen fit to print my contribution in both Japanese and English. This has already been an unusually prolific year for Taiyō, with pocket editions of older works coming out regularly and Sunny, his newest, currently serialized in Shogakukan’s IKKI comics (the 3rd collected volume of Sunny has just been released in Japan and an English edition is in the works). As if that weren’t enough, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival have announced a gallery...

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OMG: My own Taiyō Matsumoto Yoyo

  It’s here. The Taiyo-yo. Is it the answer to all my prayers or the beginning of the end? The yoyo is bundled with the first book of Taiyō’s beautiful new work SUNNY, currently serialized in Shogakukan IKKI. Taiyō is back in great form with this semi-autobiographical story about the lives of children living in a Kansai orphanage. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Village Vanguard.

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