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Motherfuckerland, a New Novel in Installments

(Hello and welcome to my serial novel. Art by spoon+fork.) Everything was going great until she wanted to talk about two things I hated:  California and family. The latter because I didn’t really have one and the former because everyone from there was rich or at least well-off and looked down on New Jersey.  Ever since a surfing magazine listed Shore Points as one of the top places to catch a wave on the East Coast, communes of college kids from L.A. would rent out entire houses for the summer and hog up our beach.  The chamber of commerce even ran ads out there to get more California kids over. You could tell they weren’t local because they wore expensive...

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2700 Year Old Pot Stash Found in China

Pot stash found from an ancient tomb in China. “Archaeologists who dug up a 2,700-year-old tomb of a shaman near Turpan out in far west Xinjiang province found a curious pouch. News reports call it the oldest stash of marijuana on Earth.” The tomb site was of a shaman and perhaps pot was used for holy adventures. It turns out in some places in China, it’s no big deal. People still smoke, eat, drink, and do just about everything with marijuana. (Seattle Times – Pot in China)

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