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Shine Jiliin Bayariin Mend Hurgeye!!

Happy New Year from Mongolia! We’re a half an hour or so from 2013 here. In front of the Darkhan Children’s Theatre there’s been an all night fireworks show – fireworks being a welcome import from neighboring China. Today has been a lot of visits from family with gifts and good tidings for Christmas and New Years (squished together here for secular efficiency) and to check out the newest member of the Mongolian family. 2012 brought me back to Mongolia, but this time for good. It led me to say goodbye (for now) to a much loved Giant Robot family and friends in Los Angeles. It brought me a husband and an army of amazing in-laws who have embraced me...

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A Day at the Races

In Mongolia horse races happen all year long, even in the crazy cold winter. In the winter, young horses (mostly 4 year olds) gallop across snow covered flatlands with jockeys only a few years older than them (7-10 years old) for a day of races, for crowds that grow throughout the day.   Like most things here, it’s not quite like what we’re used to in the West. For starters, races are run like endurance races, over rugged terrain (no real track to speak of), in extreme weather, and for 15-20 kilometers (about 10 miles). Spectators don’t just stand and watch the race, they ride along with the racers, either by horse or car. The winner’s circle is more like...

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Destination Darkhan

I’m now pretty much settled in at home in Darkhan. After a grueling flight with an over 24 hour delay at the Moscow Shereyemtevo airport, due to an engine fire, I made it to the Chinggis Khan airport in Ulaanbaatar last Tuesday morning. Moscow was miserable, but I passed the time making friends with some super friendly English speaking Mongolians, and a Dutch airline pilot named, Martin. Martin and I were both headed to Mongolia for love, and it took us way too long to get in together on a bottle of duty free whiskey. I spent the past few months in LA selling off and giving away all my worldly goods and ended up leaving LA with 9 suitcases...

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