Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

One of my favorite shows featuring Robin Williams was his humble beginnings as Mork from Ork in  Mork and Mindy. I watched this show while in elementary school and remember how I wanted his goofy rainbow suspenders with the pins on them. They actually sold them and I remember a kid named Marco wore them almost everyday to 6th grade. His greeting of Nanoo Nanoo and his word for dammit, Shazbot, was uttered too often. Low-fives were replaced by his special handshake and the lessons he learned that he broadcast back to his leader, Orson, were our lessons too. I figuratively stood up on my desk and said “Captain Oh Captain” with Ethan Hawke in Dead Poet’s Society, even though I  hated those private school kids. I said Good Morning Vietnam even though I knew nothing about the Vietnam War except what I’ve seen through movies. I like genius films and  Goodwill Hunting captured it, launching mega careers of it’s two stars. Williams, obviously the mentor, both in the film and off the film. I remember fearing Popeye, and seeing that as a kid was actually frightening. Then there’s his doctor roles in Awakenings and Patch Adams. Two of his many feel good / bad films. When Williams hurt on screen, it hurt. Personally, I know he was an art fan. I recall him being at Giant Robot San Francisco. He quietly looked through an art exhibition during opening night, drawing no special attention to himself. He bought figures and art and was part of the local art culture. He even mentioned our shop in an American Airlines in flight magazine. I’m glad to have built something that he enjoyed.  
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