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Harley Davidson Classes It Up for Tsunami Victim

Harley Davidson did the classy and offer the tsunami victim, Ikuo Yokoyama, who lost family members, a full restore of his bike, but he one upped them. Yokoyama asked Harley Davidson to keep the bike and put it in their museum and a monument. “The Harley-Davidson Museum is honored to receive this amazing motorcycle to ensure that its condition is preserved and can be displayed as a memorial to the Japan Tsunami tragedy,” said Bill Davidson, Vice President of the Harley-Davidson Museum.” (Foxnews – Harley)

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Japanese Harley Washes Up on West Coast Shore

There will be more of these washing up. Most everything will be completely thrashed from a year of being in the ocean. If this catches more eyes, they’ll most likely track down the owner and someone will step in and restore the bike for him or her – provided the person is alive. We wrote the script ahead of time. We’ll see what unfolds. (Jalopnik – Harley)

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Feces Powered Cycle Making a Trip Up Japan

  TOTO, the powerful toilet company has developed a trike that runs of feces. It’s outfitted with a pooper as the seat and we suppose, if you ever see the driver pull over and continue down dark alleys, then you know what’s going on. The toilet trike offers no privacy and where’s the roll of TP? Is it a use the left hand clean and right hand to throttle situation? We’re sure that the vibrations can only help the drop rate. Either way, they’re proving the point that poo can now pay. Also what’s the gas milage? Ok jokes are done now. (wireduk – Toto Trike) Follow the travel with Toto blog as well.  

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