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Punk’s Not Dead. It’s just been waiting for change in Myanmar

Photographer Olaf Schuelke has collected some awesome images of young punx in Myanmar for Roads & Kingdoms. Myanmar has spent the last few years redefining itself, and reaching out to countries like Mongolia for neighborly advice on how to best weather a major economic and political transition. Last year’s host for the World Economic Forum on East Asia, Myanmar is on a fast-track to adapting to globalization, for better or for worse. These kids are doing alright though, even if they’ve latched on to Hot Topic on trucker speed. They’ll mellow out and start broadening their punk horizons soon enough. Burmese emo is right around the corner… Get the full scoop and see more great images here.

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Gentrifying Myanmar

It was known as Burma at one time for you old schoolers, but this is a land attached to Thailand on one border and might be your retirement home. Yes, for you sex tourists, this could be the next “untapped” market. The land prices are going up including rental office space. What was once a few thousand a year is now nearing regular pricing. Homes are going up as well. There’s one hitch. You need to be the right ethnicity to own land, namely a Myanmar native. From Reuters: “”The government has clearly stated they will not allow foreigners to own land,” said a real estate executive who gave his name as Myo, adding it could take several years for...

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Myanmar’s Generals Would Prefer Women Didn’t Wear no Slit Skirts

“For decades, Myanmar, also known as Burma, has tried to keep its people isolated from the outside world and its dangerous ideas about freedom.” It’s summer, it’s hot, and it’s Southeast Asia. You’d think pretty girls in short skirts would be a no-brainer. Well, not in Myanmar, where the western-culture-phobic government is fighting and losing a battle to keep control over the influx of fashionable western-style clothing the country’s young women are determined to wear. It seems Myanmar’s conservative military rulers remain very uncomfortable with the shorter, cooler hemlines of western female clothing. They still vigorously insist that women wear the beautiful but very modest longyi, a traditional Burmese garment which hangs from the waist to the feet. Well, even...

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