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Although it claims to not be finished, this is an exhaustive and harrowing story of a guy stuck in detention in Narita airport. Sounding like Disneyland’s mythical jail, the story is about being flagged, then being extorted and abused and not by Japanese but by a security force that sounds something like Blackwater. We’ve heard the stories about being sent back to America when people aren’t allowed in but who pays and how much? Sometimes it’s in the 1000s for a plane flight. A mean in jail might cost you, and the “hotel” of a jail cell is $300 a night. Where’s the money going? G4S is a security company from where the photo below was taken. They are the “police” force who aren’t necessarily Japanese, and are the folks who rough up the folks who are detained. 20,000 get removed from Japan annually via the Narita Airport jail. The right question is, Who’s watching the guards. ( – gaijin tank)  
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