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Interview: Photographer Patrick Tsai

I wrote a smidgen about photographer Patrick Tsai just recently in accordance of his self-published book, "Barnacle Island." I've known Patrick from his early days helping Giant Robot Magazine when we were in downtown LA in the 90s to our move to the Westside of LA. Patrick went to college at NYU and has since pursued photography. I remember him as being creative with a twist of oddity. His work appears online and includes "My Little Dead Dick" which is a blog "hit." In 2006-2007 Patrick unabashedly chronicled his relationship with photographer Madi Ju in words and pictures. This series takes you on a journey in Asia that's a romantic and cinematic masterpiece of wanderlust and love. Of late, his work...

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Barnacle Island Photo Book by Patrick Tsai

Patrick Tsai was a volunteer helper at Giant Robot long ago. I've kept in sporadic touch with him over the last many years and watched him go from a filmmaker who had a short film project that made it to Sundance to blogging about his life and love in China and then his life in Japan. I've missed out on his previous books which has sold out, but this time I got one. Photography can be confusing. Who gives who the winning ticket? Just because we shoot photos with our phones or cameras, does that make us any better than the one who does it as a "pro"? The answer is no. You can pot shot your way to Instagram...

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